We are the makers of Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf, a virtual chess coach. Dr. Wolf helps new players discover the fun of the game, and shows experienced hobby players how to grow and reach their potential.

"Well-presented chess companion which has the eponymous avatar to guide you towards being a better player. No long tutorials. Just start playing chess and the doc will make suggestions as you progress. You can track your progress in certain disciplines with level stats. It’s like sitting down at a board with a personable Prof. Layton. Has definitely improved my real-world game and broadened my understanding of the nuances that separate casual players from hard-to-beat veterans."

"Fantastic teaching app. Well done, it’s been an enormous help to me and I’ve already improved dramatically. It’s quite hard to believe sometimes that the incredibly helpful and friendly guy you’re playing isnt a real guy coaching you and giving compliments/encouragement along the way. Best chess coaching app ever. Cheers"

"Dr. Wow I Love Chess! I Live Chess! Being a barely above average player; aging, disabled, and a semi-recluse, this App. is amazing! Now, I am not a Love-sick cow; but, at this late stage of my life, I am touched by the kindness of this system! When younger, I actually had a mentor that was as gracious as is the host of this game! Respectfully Grateful, xSpyridonGermanKoukouzelis"